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ForsidepilForskning, job, uddannelse og samarbejdepilForskningsmidler og fundraisingpilThe Odense University Hospital Fund for Free Research - OUHs pulje med frie midler

The Odense University Hospital Fund for Free Research - OUHs pulje med frie midler

The aim of the OUH research strategy is to strengthen the research of the hospital and consequently OUH offers funding of free research. The purpose is to engage researchers and complete research projects within all disciplines of research.

In the call for 2022 5 m DKK in total is available for funding.

Round of applications and deadlines

There is usually one annual call. The call for 2022 is launched in June 2021 with an application deadline 7 October 2021. The assessment meeting will take place 18 November 2021. 

Call, guidelines and application system

In the call you will find requirements for drawing up an application. It is important to read the call thoroughly in order for you to know which requirements to meet.

Applications must be submitted through the online application system efond. You can access call, efond, and guidelines to efond via the following links:



UPDATE 1 OCT. 2021: When accessing efond, you may receive a message that the connection is not safe. The efond administrator is currently updating the security certificate which should solve the problem.

In the meantime it is possible to access efond by clicking on "fortsæt to efond.dk (usikkert)" at the end of the message or accessing efond from another network than the network of the Region of Southern Denmark.

Further information

For further information about the OUH Fund for Free Research, you may refer to the below links:

For questions, please write to ouh.forskning@rsyd.dk







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