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International Centre for Occupational and Environmental Medicine

and Public Health





                        Erik Jørs

                       Specialist in occupational medicine and master of international health


                       Clinic of Occupational and Environmental Medicine

OdenseUniversity Hospital

5000 Odense C


Phone  +45 6541 4990   +45 5132 5374 


E-Mail: erik.joers@rsyd.dk


Background information

ICOEPH is a Centre formed by networking between professionals and institutions with profound knowledge and experience in the fields of occupational medicine, environmental medicine and public health, normally delivering services in the Danish Society.

The Centre is a non-profit organisation with a humanistic outlook and independent of political, religious and economic interests.

The aim of the Centre is to improve the health status in low-income countries and other countries expressing their needs for this by involving, activating and developing local human resources.

The Centre is organized with a steering committee democratically electedon the yearly general assembly by members of the centre paying a fee to become members. The committee is meeting regularly and elects a board to take care of the day to day matters.

The main tasks of the board is to attract attention to the services offered by the centre, to propagate the services asked for by contractors to the members, to coordinate the handling of tasks and to stimulate the formulation and execution of proper international development activities.


The Centre offers assistance within

Health impact assessment of development activities

  • Environmental impact assessment of development activities
  • Occupational health and safety assessments and education
  • Water and sanitation – education in health and hygiene
  • Health care waste management
  • Primary health care
  • Country health sector planning in fields of core competences
  • Elaboration of plans for solid monitoring and evaluation of development activities
  • Assistance to all stages of development activity planning and execution in the fields of core competences
  • Assistance to companies with international productions to implement industrial hygiene, occupational health and safety measures


Members and professional experience

The centre has more than 50 members with a broad base of experience within occupational and environmental medicine and public health. Many of them have international working experience including from low-income countries. Most of the members are doctors with authorizations as specialists within their fields of work, doctorates, PhD’s and master’s.

The centre has a substantial number of institutions as member as well, such as Public Health Clinics, Clinics of Occupational and Environmental Medicine and Institutes from the Universities in Denmark.

The centre is supported by the Scientific Society of Occupational and Environmental Medicine and the Scientific Society Public Health

This broad base of experience secures a professional solution of the tasks assigned to the Centre and involves a number of persons and Institutions from Denmark in the sharing of knowledge so important to secure peace and progress at world level.



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