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12. december 2018: Navigating telehealth opportunities in underserved communities: experience from Australia

The use of telehealth to support patients living in remote areas is gaining much interest in the Australian health sector.  In the right circumstances, telehealth can save people having to travel extensive distances to access specialist health services.  This is especially important for people living in rural and remote areas of the country, and for people who have difficulty travelling away from home. 


Professor Anthony Smith's presentation will take you on a journey which explores the way telehealth is being used for a broad range of services in different settings.  Examples will include telehealth applications in remote Indigenous communities, small rural hospitals, the correctional (prison) system, and in schools.  Critical steps in establishing these services will be discussed, as well as key research findings, challenges and lessons learnt.


Professor Anthony Smith is the Director of The University of Queensland’s Centre for Online Health (COH).  Professor Smith has more than 18 years of research experience involving the planning, implementation and evaluation of telemedicine applications for the benefit of clinicians and patients in regional and remote areas of Australia.  Anthony has developed and sustained an international track record in the establishment and evaluation of telehealth, principally in paediatrics and more recently in the adult and aged care disciplines. He has an Adjunct Professor appointment at the University of Southern Denmark. He is also the Editor in Chief for the Journal of Telemedicine and Telecare.



Centre for Online Health

UQ Researchers


Journal of Telemedicine and Telecare

Successes and Failures in Telehealth (SFT) Conference 



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Velkomst v. direktør Peder Jest og oplæg fra professor Anthony Smith, Centre for Online Health, the University of Queensland, Australia.







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