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Department of Clinical Immunology



Medical Director:
Jørgen Georgsen
Odense University Hospital
29 Sdr. Boulevard
DK-5000 Odense C

Telephone numbers:
Medical Director +45 6541 3580
Administration +45 6541 3578
Blood Bank +45 6541 4141 
Fax +45 6591 3376

Email: ode.kia@rsyd.dk



The Department of Clinical Immunology is the only department on the island of Funen specializing in clinical immunology. The department runs the Blood Bank of Odense University Hospital and provides a comprehensive range of immunological tests for all hospitals and medical practices on Funen. The Department of Clinical Immunology has an extensive analysis programme for quality control of blood and blood components, as well as for diagnostic purposes for departments at OUH Odense University Hospital and Svendborg Hospital, hospitals in other regions and medical practices. A large number of the analytical functions at the Department of Clinical Immunology are performed on behalf of Hospital of Southern Jutland, Hospital of South Western Jutland and hospitals in the Region of Zealand.

Blood Bank and Tissue Centre

The Department of Clinical Immunology is authorized by the Danish Medicines Agency to manufacture blood and blood components and holds the responsibility for drawing, storing and issuing blood for the local blood centres that form part of Funen Transfusion Centre. Additionally, the department holds responsibility, according to section 6 of the Danish Act on Blood Supply, for the Transfusion Centre of Southern Jutland, located in Esbjerg, Grinsted, and Brørup, in terms of clinical immunology and transfusion medicine.             

The department runs the Tissue Centre of Southern Denmark, which collects and processes stem cells, and stores and analyzes bone tissue. The Tissue Centre is run as a co-operation between orthopaedic departments at Odense University Hospital in Odense and Svendborg.

Types and range of analysis performed

The Department of Clinical Immunology has an analytical programme for diagnostic purposes for clinical departments and practices, as well as a quality programme for the control of blood and blood components. The analytical programme encompasses analysis of blood type serology, tissue typing, cellular immunology, platelet immunology, autoimmunology, immune deficiencies detection, examination for infection markers in relation to HAV, HBV, HIV 11/2 and HTLV I/II. In addition, we give guidance to clinical departments and general practitioners as to the application and interpretation of the analysis.


The department carries out both basic and applied research within the field of clinical immunology, focusing mainly on molecular biology and transfusion medicine. Research is conducted in accordance with international principles of good research and complies with applicable ethical standards and legislation. Research is published in acknowledged international journals.


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